What do we do with your personal data?
Your privacy is important and therefore we want to know as little personal information as possible about you. An e-mail and a self-made username is enough.
The personal data are used for the operation of the app and the website (registration, logging in, informing, ordering and retrieving a forgotten password). These are not passed on to other parties. The e-mail address can be used to send an invitation for a survey or for a newsletter (after we got your permission). There will always be a cancellation possible when you do not want to receive e-mail again.

Access, correction and removal
Do you want your data to be deleted? Go to "Settings" in the app. Click the "Edit" button at the top right. Now click on the "Delete your account" button. Confirm your choice. Accounts with no activity for 4 years will be automatically deleted.
Do you want to view or correct your data? Send an email to info@wozzol.nl. Make sure that we know that it is really your data.

Information about learning words and learning linesĀ 
We collect all information about the words or lines you learn. We use this for internal research to make learning with Wozzol even better. Wozzol also adapts to your learning behavior so that you can learn better. Via the progress mail you can get personal tips about learning.

The website is secured with an SSL certificate. Passwords are only stored as hash with a salt. That means that in the worst case a hacker can only get the login names and e-mail addresses but not the passwords.

Company details
Wozzol is a product of Pauls innovatiebureau. Pauls innovatiebureau is located in Deventer. Chamber of Commerce number 02076145.