Controleer altijd of een woordenlijst correct is voordat je hem gaat leren.

  • Engels Nederlands
  • magazine = tijdschrift
  • Emily is reading a magazine.


  • teenage = jongeren
  • (to) read = lezen
  • She read my horoscope and DeMille's.


  • (to) write = schrijven
  • When I get to Canada, I'll write you a postcard...


  • comic book = stripboek
  • Superman and Spider-Man are his favourite comic books.


  • dictionary = woordenboek
  • Do you have an English dictionary?


  • newspaper = krant
  • Do you read the newspaper?

    Lees jij de krant?

  • article = artikel
  • Have a look at The Times. There's a thrilling article...


  • advert(isement) = advertentie
  • advice = advies
  • Can you give me some advice?

    Kun je wat advies geven?

  • column = rubriek
  • Why not read my column to pass the time?


  • editorial = woordje van de uitgever
  • I want you to run this editorial in a box on the front page.

    woordje van de uitgever

  • front page = voorpagina
  • ...and you're wanted for murder on every front page in America.


  • headline = krantenkop
  • Mr. Carter, here is a three-column headline in the Chronicle.


  • reporter = verslaggever
  • Newspaper reporter Polly Perkins decides to investigate.

    verslaggever / -ster

  • opinion = mening
  • What is your opinion about this?

    Wat is jouw mening hierover?

  • (to) agree = mee eens zijn
  • I heartily agree with you, sir.

    mee eens zijn

  • (to) disagree = het niet mee eens zijn
  • Well, I have to disagree with you, Mr. McMurphy.

    het niet mee eens zijn

  • podcast = geluidsopname
  • vodcast = video opname
  • fashion = mode
  • They're gonna chat for a while, so we can talk fashion again.


  • horoscope = horoscoop
  • Tell me when your birthday is and I'll read out your horoscope.


  • (zodiac) sign = sterrenbeeld
  • celebrity = beroemdheid
  • Rafael Nadal is a well-known sports celebrity.


  • poem = gedicht
  • We wrote a poem about our school trip.